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Vick Audio R-Comp


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The R-Comp is a reproduction of the legendary Ross Compressor.  The original Ross Compressors were only produced for a few years in the late 70’s.  These units have developed a cult like following but are very expensive and extremely hard to find.  Trey Anastasio of Phish claims his Ross Compressor that he has used since high school is the secret to his tone.

The R-Comp will give you the same great response as the original Ross units.  It has a warm natural sounding compression at lower sustain settings and opens up you tone at higher settings.  It has tremendous output and will boost your signal above unity even at lower sustain settings.

- Vick Audio


  • 3PDT True Bypass switch
  • High Quality US made PCB construction
  • Neutrik Audio Jacks
  • Powder Coated Enclosure
  • Uses 2.1 mm Boss style power jack, no internal 9V battery clip
  • Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA
  • Laser engraved graphics